Flappy Bird Source Code: Make Your Own Flappy Bird Game

Flappy Bird Source Code for Sale

Now that Flappy Bird has moved on to the big app store in the sky, there are throngs of Flappy fanatics looking for an app to feed their addiction. Some enterprising developers have already taken action to pick up where Flappy Bird left off. More Flappy Bird inspired apps are sure to flood the app store. While attaining the success attained by the original Flappy Bird is highly unlikely, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some opportunities there for developers and app entrepreneurs who select their theme and keywords wisely.

Several app source code marketplaces have pounced on the phenomenon by offering Flappy Bird source code for sale. Here are some of the best Flappy Bird-inspired source codes that I have found thus far:

Made with Cocos2d
Price: $99 (Single License), $145 (Multiple Licenses)
Notes: This is the source code that I used for my reskinned app. At the moment, it is still pending review in the iOS App Store. When it is approved, I will release a blog post that detailed my journey as part of the #OpReskin series.

Be careful to download the CORRECT code as one is for Android and the other is for iOS.

AppFresh has some great graphics packs specifically designed for this source code to help you save some time in the reskinning process if you aren’t an artist. See:

A great course on Udemy I took to help learn how to reskin this app. Now comes WITH SOURCE CODE. Click Here:

Flappy Bird Clone Source Code

Language: Objective C
Framework: UIKit
Price: $89.99 (Single License); 249.99 (Multiple License)
Notes: This is a pure clone. The physics, the gameplay, the art assets are identical to the original Flappy Bird. As with all reskins, the art assets and sounds must be replaced before submitting to the app store.

Price: $99 (Single License), $599 (Multiple Licenses)
Notes: Integrated with 4 ad networks. Super easy to reskin as images are automatically resized for each device.

Comes with full PSD files. iAd and AdMob integrated.
Price: $16
Notes: This was the template that “Jumpy Bee” was created from. It once ranked in the Top 5 of the iOS App Store.

Flappy Bug Source Code

Made with Cocos2d
Price: $12
Notes: The gameplay is slightly different to the traditional Flappy-style games, but it is similar enough that players will still find it familiar and enjoyable.

Made with Cocos2d
Price: $297 (1 License), $347 (Unlimited Licenses)

Price: $999 (Single License), $1,999 (Multiple Licenses)
Notes: This Flappy template comes with Flurry analytics baked in. That being said, the price seems a bit steep. (The developer recently raised the price.)

The Flappy Bird craze likely won’t last for long. Even so, there are opportunities to provide a measure of solace for the millions that are currently undergoing Flappy withdrawal. That being said, don’t expect a clone to make you an app store millionaire, Flappy Bird clones are flooding the app store at an unprecedented rate, so gaining visibility won’t be an easy task. Nontheless, creating a Flappy Bird style app should be a fun little exercise and learning activity.

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